10 Baby Teething Remedies – All About Teething in Babies

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Teething in babies is one of the most common concerns for parents. Although parents get excited with a new tooth coming out, it is the pain and discomfort of their babies that worry them a lot. But, with proper knowledge and guidance on teething in babies, they can surely help their babies cope up with the challenges during the teething period. In this article, you will find some baby teething remedies. Not only that, but you can also find the answers to the most common queries about baby teething.

How early can babies start teething?

There is no particular teething age for babies. He or she can start teething before reaching 6 months. Also, sometimes babies’ teeth can appear even after 12 months.

Besides, some parents can find themselves asking a question like” Is my baby teething at 3 months?” Well, it is very much possible.

So, there is no surprise even if parents find their babies teething as early as when they are 2 or 3 months old.

What are the first signs of teething?

Many mothers ask this question, “How do I know a baby is teething?”

You can see the first signs of teething in babies as the tooth comes out of the gum line. Although you cannot see the parts of the tooth at the beginning, you can see some symptoms in the baby that may send you an alarm.

Different babies show different teething symptoms during the teething phase. However, the most common symptoms are:

  • Swollen gums
  • Irritability
  • Extreme desire to chew things
  • Skin rashes
  • Feeding Irritability
  • Diarrhea
  • Ear pulling

How long do babies teething last?

It takes almost 4 to 5 days for a tooth to break through the baby’s soft gum. Also, usually, teething lasts till the babies are 30 to 33 months. But, permanent molars start coming out once they are 6 or 7 years old and this can continue till they are 12 or 13.

However, the time and the age may differ from one baby to another.

How do you soothe a teething baby?

Babies’ teething is one of the most crucial phases in their lives. There are simple ways to cure teething pain.

10 Baby Teething Remedies 

  1. A baby needs to take 14 to 16 hours of sleep a day. Make sure your baby gets enough sleep.
  2. In case of itchy eyes, try to clean the eyes with cotton soaked in warm water. If the irritation continues, get the advice of a pediatrician. Also, you can cover your baby’s hands with mittens in case of an eye infection.
  3. Keep the baby occupied with toys or other objects to divert his attention from the teething pain.
  4. Teething toys can soothe the baby’s gums to a great extent. Make sure to cool them in the refrigerator before using them as a teething remedy. Besides, you can use a chilled spoon on the baby’s gum to provide him relief from baby teething pain.
  5. Cold pacifiers can even help. Also, a clean adult finger can be pressed gently on the baby’s gum. As an alternate, you can also use a clean chilled cloth to give the baby for chewing.
  6. There are many over-the-counter remedies for baby teething. Acetaminophen like Tylenol or ibuprofen like Advil and Motrin can cure the pain. But it is better to take the doctor’s advice before using any baby teething medicine. Many people think that they can get a better result if they use homeopathic medicine for teething. But, doctors have shared their concern over the side effect of some homeopathic medicines for baby teething. So, consult the doctor before using them.
  7. Many babies can cry tirelessly for hours during teething. Although gripe water is best for digestion, you can use it for teething pain.
  8. You can use baby teething gels. Once the first and second molars come out then you can use benzocaine-based numbing gels to soothe the pain.
  9. You can use some home remedies for teething babies. Many consider using clove oil on the baby’s gum during the painful teething process. Besides, some even use vanilla extract as one of the baby teething remedies.
  10. Many parents consider chilled cooked fruit or mashed fruit to be one of the best remedies for baby teething.

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Do babies rub their eyes when teething?

At times extreme pain and soreness on the face can make babies rub their eyes. It happens mostly when upper teeth start appearing. Rubbing eyes is normal, but make sure the baby does not scratch his or her face while rubbing eyes.

Is teething worse at night?

Teething can be worse at night as there are not many distractions at night. Also, the discomfort can make the babies wake up many times at night. So, it is best to make sure that a bay is given enough comfort while going off to sleep at night.

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Can teething hurt a baby’s ears?

Coming out of back teeth can make a baby feel the pain coming from his ear. So, you might see a baby pulling his ears during teething.

Are babies more tired during teething?

Babies tend to have disturbed sleep during teething. Moreover, swollen or tender gums can make them feel sick. Also, most of the babies have feeding irritability at this time. So, it is common for babies to feel tired during teething.

Do pacifiers help with teething?

Chilled pacifiers can provide some relief to the babies in teething.

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Is gripe water good for teething pain?

Gripe water can be used for babies crying for a long time during teething.

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What does a teething cough sound like?

Babies get extra saliva in their mouths during the teething. That might cause a teething cough. It is often hard to tell whether a baby is coughing due to a cold or teething. If your baby cough comes with symptoms like Diarrhea, ear pulling, extra saliva, and increased biting, you can say it is a teething cough.

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Do babies’ gums bleed when teething?

Yes, babies’ gum can bleed when teething. In case it occurs, you must consult the pediatrician.

Is it OK to give my baby Tylenol for teething every night?

You can give Tylenol to your baby once in a while during teething. But, giving this every night might not be a good idea.

Which teething gel is best for babies?

Benzocaine-based numbing gels are the best gels for teething babies.

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What Colour is teething poo?

Baby’s teething poo can be brown or green. Besides, it can be runnier or frothy.

Does breastfeeding help with teething?

Nursing provides comfort to the babies in teething. So, we can see babies want to nurse more during this period.

Can you give baby frozen breast milk for teething?

Yes, you can give baby frozen breast milk for teething. Breast milk ice pops can soothe babies a lot during teething.

Teething in babies is a part of the growing process. As a parent, you need to find out what works the best for your baby as the best remedies for baby teething. Besides, there is no substitute for hugs and cuddles when it comes to soothing a baby in discomfort.

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