Baby Massage – Complete Guide on How To Massage A Baby 2021

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The first few years of a newborn are the growing years. So, this period is the most vital time for the growth and development of a baby. Therefore, as a mother, you need to know what would be beneficial for your baby. One of the most important aspects of a baby’s growth is baby massage. But, the question many moms ask is how to massage a baby with oil.

But, before you find an answer to this question, you need to learn many facts about baby massage. Let us go step by step.

What are the benefits of a baby massage?

When should you give a baby massage to your newborn?

Finally, How to massage a baby?

So, here comes an article on how to massage babies with oil.

Why Do You Need to Massage a Baby With Oil

  • Baby Massage is the best way to keep your baby relaxed and calm. The gentle strokes feel good on their baby skin. Thus, they simply tend to enjoy their baby massage time.
  • Also, it is the best way to build a bond between a mother and the newborn.  This bond, later on, helps a mother to be more alert to her baby’s needs. Besides, even other family members can give a baby massage to create that special bond.
  • Baby massage helps in proper blood circulation. Thus, it helps in the proper growth of babies.
  • Certain baby massage oils with medicinal or healing properties help in many ways. Oils like Dabur Laal Tel have many Ayurvedic ingredients that help in building strong bones. Besides, there are oils like almond, olive, coconut, and etc. that prevent baby skin from drying.
  • Regular baby massage helps babies to have better sleep. Thus, it helps in the growth of a baby.
  • Baby massage also helps in releasing gas from the baby’s stomach. Thus, it can help in improving colic issues in babies.
  • There are reports of improvement of brain activities in premature babies due to baby massage.

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When To Start Baby Massage with Oil

There is no specific age for babies to have a massage. But, you should consult a doctor before starting a baby massage. A doctor can give you the correct information based on the evaluation of baby skin and other things.

Many parents start massaging their babies once they are six weeks old. But, as I said it can vary based on many things. The main thing you should watch is how comfortable you and your baby are during a massage session. So, you would be able to decide whether to continue with the massage or wait for a while.

How to Massage a Baby With Oil

There are many different ways you can give a massage with oil to your baby. The older children might be ready to enjoy any type of massage you give them. But the main question is-

 How do you give a newborn a massage?

The first thing you need to do is to set up a soothing environment. For this, you need to choose a place where there is not too much light. Also, you can play soothing music in the background. Lay a comfortable massage sheet or a soft cloth on the bed and put your baby on his or her back on the mat. Remember, your massage-strokes need to be gentle and firm.

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Baby Massage Method – Step By Step Guide

  • Make sure your baby is not hungry or over full. Take some oil and rub it in your hands to make it warm. Then take one of your baby’s feet and massage the sole in an upward motion. Also, give a circular massage with your thumbs. Besides, make small strokes on the toes. Do the same with the other foot as well.
  • Next, move up and start an upward stroke from ankle to knee. Also, massage the ankle in a circular motion. Then further up till the thigh. Just make the legs relax naturally. Finally, give a circular massage like wringing a towel on both the legs. Do this with both the legs.
  • Then hold both the legs by the ankles and make them cross each other gently.
  • Now, start massaging the arms. Give circular massage on the palms. Also, make small strokes on baby fingers.
  • Next, go massage baby’s arm from the wrist to the elbow by giving straight strokes. Also, massage the wrist gently in a circular motion.
  • Then, go move towards the upper arms in upward strokes. Then finish the hand massage circular massage like wringing a towel. Massage the other hand the same way.
  • Next, hold the hands by the wrist and make the same criss-cross as you have done with the legs.
  • Massage the baby’s shoulders. For this, make downward strokes from each shoulder to the chest.
  • Then massage the chest in outward direction. Also, give baby massage as if following a shape of a heart across the chest with your fingers joined together.
  • Next is the tummy massage. Do not put much pressure on this area. Just make some circular strokes around the belly button.  But, make sure you massage it in clockwise direction.
  • Massage baby’s cheeks and forehead in gentle circular strokes.
  • Also, massage the baby’s scalp with your finger tip. Massage this area the same way as you shampoo your baby’s hair.
  • The final massage is on the back. Lay your baby on his or her back. Make sure you put your baby’s hands in front of him or her. Give a circular massage on the back. Also, give a downward stroke from the upper spine to the bottom. Besides, massage baby shoulders in circular strokes.

Make sure to give your baby a warm sponge or bath after a baby massage. This helps in absorbing the oil and closing the open pores. Also, you can give your baby regular baby massage before sleeping.

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Besides, talk to your baby as you give him or her a baby massage. Smile to him and look into her or his eyes. This can help the baby more interactive during a massage. Thus, you can build a great bond with your baby.

Remember, mother’s touches always make babies feel comfortable and relaxed. So, a massage by a mother will be always something they look forward to.

Besides, no matter how many baby massage tips you learn, it will never be complete without you cuddling your baby. Do let me know your thoughts on this topic. Write to me at [email protected]

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