Best Baby Oil in India 2021- All You Need to Know About Baby Massage Oil

Finding the best baby product is always challenging. It is mainly because nowadays you have got millions of baby brands assuring you of high-quality and safe baby products. So, you tend to get confused and wonder which one would be the best pick for your little bundle of joy. I am going to talk about some of the best baby oil in India.  Also, I am going to present some useful information that can help you to choose the best oil for babies.  My goal is to help you pick the best oil for your baby after you complete reading this article. So, let’s get going.

 Is Baby Massage Good?

In India, there has been a tradition of massaging infants with oil for ages.  I have been witnessing this since my childhood.

This even made me indulge in giving a baby massage to my son as a baby.  The encouragement of course came from my mom who stated that oil massage for babies has many benefits.

Baby massage keeps the babies relaxed and calm. But, you should know how to give baby massage properly for your baby to feel comfortable. Also, regular massage with baby oil promoted sound sleep and proper development.

Besides, baby massage helps in creating some wonderful moments with your baby. I still remember how he would laugh adorable as I would give him some relaxing strokes. Having stated so, I must admit that baby massage gave both me and my son a wonderful time for bonding with each other. 

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 Is Oil Good for Baby Skin?

Baby skin is very delicate. So you can only use safe skin products for babies. Earlier people in India used to apple mustard oil for baby massage. But now, there are many baby oils in India. Most of the baby oils are safe for natural ingredients in them.  so these Baby oils are safe for babies.

But, you need to consult a doctor before using baby oil or any other baby products for your baby.

 Besides, you need to choose a baby oil that can moisturize the baby’s skin without being too sticky.  Also, because of too much humidity in some areas in India, less sticky oils are preferable.  this is why you can get some of the best baby oils for baby massage in India that are lightweight and non-sticky.

How to Buy the Best Baby Oil in India?

It is always a good habit to follow some buying guides or rules while buying any product. So, to buy the best baby oil for massage, you need to know what all to check for. Find below the guidelines that I always followed before buying the oil for my baby.

Baby Oil brand name

This is probably the first thing I would check while buying a baby product. A company can only be reliable if it produces quality products. That is how it gains trust in the market. So, the main purpose of checking the brand is to be assured of safe and reliable products.

Talking about baby oil, there are many reputed baby brands in India. These are Himalaya, Johnson and Johnson, Mee Mee, Dabur, Chicco, and Sebamed, etc.


Parents of modern days never skip this rule. I have been into a habit of checking ingredients before buying any skincare or baby care products. What you should look for while buying a baby oil is that the product must be free from harmful chemicals like, phthalates, dyes, paraben, and scents.

Besides, baby oil may contain oils like almond oil, sunflower oil, olive oil, jojoba oil, etc. In India, most parents like to use almond oil and olive oil for baby massage. Also, there are many Ayurvedic baby oils that provide extra nourishment to the baby skin.

Clinical or Dermatological Test

People tend to trust products that are clinically tested. Also, certain baby oils go through sensitivity tests to make sure that they are suitable for sensitive skin. So, these tests give the parents confidence to use these oils safely for their babies


Some baby companies can go the extra level to confirm the safe usage of their products. The Mom’s Co. baby oil has certifications as Toxin-free and Allergy-certified added to it.

Baby Massage Oil Reviews Online

This is the most convenient way to find the best baby oil in India. You can either check baby oil reviews on Amazon or on other sites. Also, seqarch engines like Google or Yahoo might help you to get good reviews of baby oils in India.

Besides, baby care sites like can help you by picking the best oil for babies online.

Word of Mouth

We tend to choose baby products that have already shown good results to our friends or relatives with babies. So, you can take the help of offline reviews to know about a baby product.

But, you need to remember that the skin or the sensitivity of one baby may differ from others. So, you need to follow doctor’s guidelines by letting him know about any skin product before using it for your baby.

Expiry Date

Many people tend to ignore to check the expiry date of a product. No matter whether you a buy baby oil online in India or offline, you must check the expiry date. Also, in case of online purchase, in case you find the expiry date to be over or nearer, you must return the product immediately.


Price is probably the last thing parents check as they are concerned about the safety and quality of the baby oil. But, in case you are using a new brand, you must check the price of the baby massage oil. You can compare the price as per the ingredients to other baby oils in the market.

Which Oil is Best for Baby Massage?

Here comes the big question. To find the answer to this question, I have done thorough research on some of the best baby oils in India. I have checked the history of their reviews and talked to the new parents. Also, I even checked the details of the ingredients used.

Besides, I had to add my personal experience with some of these massage oils for babies. So, I have followed all the buying guidelines for baby oil mentioned above. Now, here is the outcome:

Best Baby Oil for Massage in India    

1. Johnson’s baby oil     

The brand needs no introduction since it has been delivering quality baby products for over 100 years. Johnson’s oil for babies is one of the most popular baby oils.

I had used this oil for my baby and found an amazing result. The non-sticky, light massage oil leaves the baby’s skin soft. Also, the smell of the oil gives a refreshing feeling to the little buddies. Johnson’s baby oil price is quite reasonable. So, anyone can afford it easily to buy every month.

Best FeaturesMild, dermatologically tested
mild perfume, allergy-tested

2. Mamaearth Soothing Baby Massage Oil

Mamaearth has been gaining the trust of the new parents over the last few years. The best thing about Mamaearth baby massage oil is that it has got all-natural ingredients. So, you can get the goodness of sesame oil, almond oil, jojoba oil, grape seed oil, and many more in one massage oil for baby.

Besides, I have found wonderful reviews of these products both online and offline.

3. Sebamed Baby Massage Oil

Sebamed baby oil is a lightweight and gentle baby oil with natural soya oils. The makers claim this oil to be ideal for sensitive skin. Also, they claim that one can use this oil even from the age of day 7.

Besides, the gentle baby oil is very easy to rub and massage on your baby’s skin and gets absorbed easily.  Also, some of the new mommies even said that they could use the oil for rashes on the baby’s skin.

Best FeaturesSoothing effects on the skin, mild

4. Himalaya Baby Massage Oil

This is another popular baby oil for massage. This baby oil has got amazing botanical ingredients. These are Olive oil, Ashwagandha, Khus grass, Indian aloe, and, etc.

Besides, this oil is free from minerals. I have heard mommies saying that regular massage with Himalaya baby oil helps their babies to sleep well. So, now you can guess how relaxing a baby feels with this oil.

Best FeaturesClinically tested, free from minerals, full of fruitful herbs

5. Mee Mee Baby Oil

Mee Mee is another well-known baby brand in India. I have seen many mommies using only Mee Mee products for babies. So, there has to be something special about this brand. So, I was curious to know about Mee Mee oil for babies.

What I found is that the baby oil is free from Parabens that are harmful to the skin. Also, it has sunflower seed oil that hydrates the baby’s skin. Besides, it is clinically safe to use.

Best FeaturesHypoallergenic, fruit extracts, parabens free

6. Dabur Lal Tail – Ayurvedic Baby Oil

Dabur Lal Tail is one of my favorite picks. I personally used this oil for my baby and got amazing results. This massage oil for babies has got herbal ingredients like camphor, urad sankhapushpi, etc.

Besides. Also, this Ayurvedic oil helps to make the baby bones and muscles strong. Thus, it is said to promote faster physical growth of a baby.

Best FeaturesAyurvedic ingredients, faster physical growth

Final Thought

I have seen mothers getting panicky all the time when it comes to finding the best baby oil in India. Even I felt the same being a new mommy. I was always on the lookout for the best products for my baby. But, over the years, I have realized one important thing. That is search for the best products can never come to an end in this competitive world where new companies and new products come into existence every now and then.

Then, what is the solution?

Well, just go for the products with good ingredients and good reviews. Also, it is important to consult your baby’s doctor before using any baby skin product.

I believe that this article has given you enough details about the best baby oil in India. So, I truly hope that you have picked the oil that you think would be the most suitable oil for your baby from the above list. Happy Parenting!!!

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