How to Put Babies to Sleep – Best Sleeping Habits 2021

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How to Put Babies to Sleep

Have you been facing hard times to put your baby to sleep? If your answer is yes, then you must read this article. We find babies amazingly cute when they are sleeping. But, only mothers know what they have to deal with to put babies to sleep. So, learning proper sleeping habits for babies is important.

I also have faced a hard time putting my baby to sleep. So, I can now imagine what other moms might be facing to put their babies to sleep. But, I have learned through experiments and by gaining knowledge.

I believe that as mothers, we need to take out time to learn new tactics to make motherhood easy for us. Besides, we need to keep on applying things we learn to see if which one is working best for us. Keeping that in mind, I have tried to find the best methods to put babies to sleep.

Besides, I have been able to get in touch with some newly mothers. They have shared with me some amazing sleeping habits for babies. Yes! I am soo excited to share those with you all!!

But, let us dive into this step by step.

Why Is Sleep Important for Infants?

We all know the benefits of a sound sleep. Sleep is the most important part of a baby’s schedule. It is the one and only relaxation remedy for babies of any age. Also, there are many other benefits of sound sleep. Here they are:

  • It helps to minimize the risk of being behavioral or weight issues.
  • Growth hormones work effectively during sleep. So, sleep helps in the proper growth of the babies.
  • While babies sleep, they produce proteins known as cytokines. These proteins help to battle against illness and infections.
  • Sleep-deprivation is the main cause of ADHD (Attention Deficit Hyperactive Disorder). So, if you want to increase your babu’s attention span, you need to make proper sleeping habits.
  • Besides, it acts as a great exercise for the growing years.
  • Sound and adequate sleep help to keep the babies active throughout the day.

But, the question is how to put babies to sleep without much effort?

I have tried to do research on this topic. Here is what I have found out:

Best Ways To Put Babies to Sleep – Best Sleeping Habits For Babies

You can try different ways to put your baby to sleep. Some of the best ways of doing this can be found below:

  • Create a calm and soothing atmosphere before you put your babies to sleep. You can switch a dim light on. Also, put some soft music in the background. Besides, do not try to wake babies up too much during their sleep.

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  • There is an old tradition of singing lullabies to put babies to sleep. So, you can try this method. You can ask your senior family members. Also, you can make your own lullaby with a soft tone and easy words. Remember, the tone is the most important thing here. I made many lullabies of my own when my baby was small. I applied all of them to see which one worked the best. The best part is babies tend to get a habit of listening to these baby songs. So, they do not create any fuss while sleeping once they are used to those baby songs.

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  • Newborns need to sleep more often than growing babies. So, it is always useful to make a routine of sleep time for them. This habit will help them falling sleep on their own at some specific times.
  • Many recommend giving a warm bath to babies before bedtime. Many say this helps them to feel relaxed and fresh. Thus, it is easier for moms to put their babies to sleep.
  • Toddlers can have reading time before going to sleep. Reading a story to them can help them go off to sleep easily.
  • It is always better to have a baby bed set for babies to sleep. It is because newborns need smaller pillows and soft beds. Moreover, the short side pillows also protect them from being rolled over.

  • A comfortable baby bed set is very important. If the baby bed set is not soft and cozy, then your baby will have a hard time to sleep.

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  • You need to make the whole day time energetic for babies. Make them play, run, crawl, and talk the whole day. So that at the end of the day they become tired enough to sleep. But this is not advisable for very small babies or babies with any medical condition.
  • A warm oil massage at times helps babies to sleep fast. So, you can try some baby massage oil or lotion and give a soft massage at bedtime. You can put your baby in the baby bed after the oil massage.

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  • Make sure your baby does not have an empty stomach while putting him or her to sleep. At the same time, so not make them overfull. Both are barriers to sound sleep.

  • Babies do not like to be separated from their favorite toys or dolls. So, you can allow your baby to go to bed with their favorite toy. This way, he or she will not create a tantrum. Thus, it will be easier for you to put him or her to sleep.

What Are Common Sleep Problems of Babies?

  • Sleep-deprivation is the common cause of babies not to sleep. So, you need to put babies to sleep early to bed. Also, you need to make sure that if the baby is feeling the discomfort of any sort. It may be colic, skin rashes, or some other problems. Also, if the problem persists, then you need to consult a doctor.
  • Babies also suffer from separation anxiety. So, your baby might want you to be there beside him or her. So, it becomes difficult to put babies to sleep with anxiety on their minds. You can assure your baby that you would be there by cuddling with him for longer before putting him to sleep. Also, you can give him or her a soft toy under the blanket to hold on.
  • Sickness is another reason that makes babies feel uncomfortable. So, it becomes difficult to put sick babies to sleep. You need to make sure to cuddle your baby much more than usual time. Also, give him or her some time and let him or her play with toys. Just do not push him or her to sleep right away. Remember, Patience is the main key to be a successful mother.

Do Not Try Too Hard

I have seen mothers trying other different ways to put their babies to sleep. They try to rock their babies or carry them. But, these only make things worse for the coming years. I have the experience of the same as I tried both rocking and carrying. I felt good at the beginning as all worked like magic.

But, it became horrible as the years went ahead. My baby refused to sleep without being carried or rocked. So, it became tiresome for me to put him to sleep rocking or carrying every night. Later on, it took quite some time for me to get him off those sleep habits.

I wish I would not have tried them in the first place. So, if you are trying any of those mentioned above, I have some useful information for you. This information answers the 2 questions stated below.

How to put a baby to sleep without carrying? 

How to get a baby to sleep without rocking?

As a mother, you should stop forcing yourself to do something that might just look like a temporary solution. Also, you need to stop overexerting yourself.

But make sure not to feel guilty about the same. Remember not carrying or rocking babies to sleep does not make you a bad mother. On the other hand, it means that you are wise enough to save time and energy to utilize them for better use.

So be positive, energetic, and confident as a mother so that your baby can get the same positive vibrations from you. This way, moms will not have to try hard to know how to put babies to sleep.

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