How To Be Happy During Pregnancy 2021

happy during pregnancy
Model: Mommy-to-be Sassy Sushmita

Hello Beautiful moms!!! Congratulations on expecting a baby!!! Loads of happiness and best wishes to you!!! It is time that you remain happy during pregnancy. Also, you need to be super positive now. Besides, you cannot feel pregnant and alone. I am here to help you with some simple tips. You can take these tips as pregnancy support tips.

You will find friends and relatives coming and wishing “Happy Pregnancy to You.” But, then as the days pass you might find it difficult being happy during pregnancy. Also, you will try your best to get happy thoughts during pregnancy. But, at times, all might just fail and you might just search for happy hormones during pregnancy.

You might find it hard to enjoy happy early pregnancy, but it is not that difficult feeling happy during pregnancy.

But, before that, you need to understand the reasons for you to be happy during pregnancy.

Why Ladies Should Be Happy During Pregnancy

Pregnancy includes 3 semesters. Each semester brings new challenges and thoughts. You will find that doctors always advise expecting mothers to be happy during pregnancy. This is because as they say the happier the mommy-to-be is the healthier the newborn will be.

Emotional health plays a key factor in the proper development of babies. You need to understand that your baby is exposed to everything whatever you feel during this time. So, taking care of your emotional thoughts during this time is very important. So, happy thoughts during pregnancy are very important.

Besides, being stressed or anxious can trigger some hormone in your body. So, this can damage the baby’s brain and body. On the other hand, being relaxed during pregnancy can result in a happy pregnancy and baby.

It is natural to feel anxious or depressed during pregnancy at times. But, you must know the ways to divert your mind. Take it like this – You felt happy to get pregnant. So then there is no reason for not feeling happy during pregnancy.

But, for this, you need to follow a healthy routine. Also, take the help of the following useful tips:

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11 Tips on How to Be Happy During Pregnancy

happy during pregnancy
Model: Mommy-to-be Sassy Sushmita
  1. The first and foremost thing is to feel gratitude. You need to feel grateful for this wonderful feeling of being pregnant. There are many women who are longing to become pregnant but unable to do so.

So, feel the gratitude and feel how privileged you are to be expecting a baby. This can even help you to get rid of depression during pregnancy. So, you need to awaken happy hormones during pregnancy. Thus, make yourself feel relaxed and live a happy life during pregnancy.

2. Words can create magic. Thus, those can have an amazingly positive effect on one’s life. So, surround yourself with positive mommy-to-be quotes. You can find some positive quotes online. Search for happy quotes for pregnant women online.

The more you read these positive quotes during pregnancy the happier you would feel. Thus, pregnancy quotes can beat depression while being pregnant. So, you can read 2 to 3 positive mommy-to-be quotes each morning. Also, you can buy cushions or coffee mugs with positive pregnancy quotes.

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3.Like pregnancy quotes, you can take the help of some books to read during pregnancy. Books that give positive vibes can keep mommy to be happy. There are many books online to read for pregnant women. But, make sure not to read the books at a stretch.1 to 5 pages a day is enough.

Some books to read during pregnancy

Your Pregnancy Devotional: 280 Days of Prayer and Inspiration Kindle Edition

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What It Means to Be a Mom: A Celebration of the Humor, Heart (and Chaos) of Motherhood Kindle Edition

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The Mindful Mother: A Practical and Spiritual Guide to Enjoying Pregnancy, Birth and Beyond with Mindfulness Paperback

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4.Rest is the main key to overall happiness during pregnancy. The more a pregnant lady rests, the more relaxed she can feel. So make sure to take as much rest as possible.

Resting does not always mean sleeping but just lying on the bed with some positive thoughts during pregnancy. Also, you can just focus on each part of your body to make them feel relaxed and tension-free.

5.  Music is one of the best methods to keep you happy during pregnancy. Soothing pregnancy music instantly cheers up mommy to be. Also, it helps them to be relaxed being pregnant. Music removes any negative thoughts during pregnancy.  But, you must be careful in choosing pregnancy music.

The music you choose has to be either instrumental or slow. Heavy metal or hip hop songs must be avoided at this time. Spiritual songs have a great positive effect on pregnant women. So, you can listen to spiritual or calm pregnancy songs.

Some Pregnancy Music

Garbh Sanskar

Garbha Raksha

Music Card: Music for Pregnancy and Babies

6.Pregnancy at different semesters might give you a feeling of nausea. So, aromatherapy can help amazingly in this case. Smelling aromatic oils or even simple lime leaves can make a great difference. You can find many useful essential oils to be used for pregnant women.  But, make sure to take doctor’s advice before using them.

You can read this book for more information on aromatherapy.

Aromatherapy and the Expectant Mom: A Woman’s Guide to the Best Essential Oils for a Holistic Pregnancy

List of essential oils during pregnancy

Old Tree Pure Lavender Oil

Organic Harvest Chamomile Essential Oil

PRZ Spearmint Essential Oil

7. Love, affection, and good wishes are all you need to keep yourself motivated while you are pregnant. So, surround yourself with your partner, partners, and friends. Also, avoid negative people. By negative people, I mean the people who are always pessimistic about life. Also, there are people who try to scare you during this time.

Remember depression during pregnancy is a big NO. So, get rid of the people and feelings that bring even the slightest amount of negativity in your day-to-day life.

8. Breathing properly helps us to keep calm during any situation. So, inhale and exhale deeply to keep yourself calm. Practicing proper breathing exercises will help you to fight any depression during pregnancy. Thus, it can help you to keep relaxed during.

Pregnancy affirmations / Breathing meditations: 2 in 1 Mindful pregnancy bundle 

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9. Yoga also helps to fight depression. It is vital to practice yoga to gain overall mental and physical benefits. Also, it helps to keep your mind calm and relaxed. So, you can practice yoga to be happy when you are pregnant.

Yoga Mama, Yoga Baby: Guided Practices for Every Stage of Pregnancy and Birth 

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Yoga for Pregnancy (Pyramid Paperbacks) 

10. I know one unique way how to keep a mommy to be happy. Cute baby pictures can help a pregnant woman to stay positive and cheerful. This helped me a lot when I was expecting. I used to google out adorable babies’ pictures and watch them the whole day. So, you can also try this and see how it helps to get rid of any depression during pregnancy.

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11. The last technique is one of my most favorite ones. You can either keep a physical copy or a digital one. You can keep a journal to record your feelings or thoughts of pregnancy. Also, talk to your baby in this journal and convey your feelings to him or her.

You can start by writing,” Hello sweet champ, how are you feeling now? You have started kicking pretty hard lately, but mamma is not complaining.” Then you can add more sweet and deep feelings to your journal. This way, you can connect to your baby being pregnant.

The Baby Bump Book – A Keepsake Pregnancy Journal Paperback 

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Last Happy Words for Pregnant Women

Remember, being a mother is a blessing and a gift. So, you need to make the most out of it. Pregnancy is just the beginning of the long road of motherhood. So, you need to enjoy this period to the fullest. Thus, you need to know how to be happy during pregnancy. Also, you need to be relaxed and fill yourself with positive thoughts during this time. Happy motherhood to all!!! If this article helps you even a bit, write to me at [email protected].,1%20prenatal%20visit%20every%20week

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